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Sydney panorama

November 29, 2009

and with this i finish the Aussie presentation, from tomorrow onwards, Paris!!!

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Sydney’s Darling Harbor _2

view from Sydney’s Tower

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Sydney Aquarium_1

November 28, 2009
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Sydney Aquarium_5

November 27, 2009
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Nelson Bay_1

November 26, 2009

this was the most difficult picture i have ever taken, stormy, no idea where it will emerge, and everything lasts for a second…

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Behind Olgas

November 23, 2009
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King’s canyon

November 21, 2009
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Billabong farm _2

November 19, 2009
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Great Ocean Road

November 18, 2009

well, it was the time to come back with pictures from Australia, which due to severe logistical issues I was so close to lose absolutely all aussie pics, like this only some panorama files and a movie have been transformed into zeros and zeros

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great ocean road_twelve apostles

October 12, 2009

well, waking up early pays off, even if it was rainy, i thought i should give it a try, and for just few minutes the rain stopped, and the sun rays broke through the clouds

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red center_THE rock

October 9, 2009

known initially as Eyers Rock, the name has been changed to Uluru but it should be Puli

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great barrier reef_1

October 5, 2009

spoilers alert: well kinda difficult to put that into a cartoon and explain kids the story, but in real life, Melvin (nemo’s dad) would transform his gender, becoming a mommy, and Nemo being the only male alive would become the new daddy..

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great barrier reef_swimming with the sharks_1

this picture is the only one from above the water, taken roughly 10min before the night dive, i must admit my enthusiasm level hit rock bottom but i went in water anyway…how is night diving?! have you seen The Abyss?!

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koala hugging

October 3, 2009

some one has told me loong time ago that if you let a Koala hug you it won’t let you go anymore…almost 9 years later i had the fact indeed confirmed! despite their incredible small brain (yeap, they’re really stupid, but nature protected them by letting them eat only eucalyptus, they smell like one too, […]

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almost human(like)

admit it, the way he(it) lays on one side looks pretty familiar… 🙂

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sydney’s landscape_panorama

October 2, 2009

again the full size of the panorama can be seen here

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taking off

October 1, 2009
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ain’t that cute?!

September 29, 2009
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aussie landmark

September 27, 2009

after a 24 hrs flihgt finally we arrived in Australia! i will try for the next 3 weeks to keep you updated daily with the nicest thing see in that day, as we’re now in Sydney, well, i have to share with you this well known landmark

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