Category: Palau

Day 12 – Diving with Mantas

May 22, 2013

cannot describe the feeling when you see a manta ray, every diver longs to see them, rare majestic sights

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Day 11 – Diving with the Jellyfish

May 17, 2013

actually THIS was the reason we went to Palau: thousands of jellyfish isolated from the sea, with no predators therefore they dropped the defence mechanism making no problem having one touching even your face. A surreal experience!

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Day 10 – Diving in Palau

May 16, 2013

if you look closely you will see six sharks 🙂

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Day 9 – Diving in Palau

May 14, 2013

with the bigeye jacks on this island they shot the first season of “Survivor”

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