mountain gorillas!

Awesome day at gorilla tracking! Bwindi Impenetrable N.P. is home of almost half the surviving mountain gorillas. Ten groups have been habituated and can be visited by tourists, but not more than eight people and for only one hour per day. Our group is the Mukiza group, named after its silverback. Ten gorillas, including a seven months old baby. We are lucky to get to them after only one hour of walking, as it’s all steep downhill and steep uphill. Even better, the gorillas moved out of the forest into a clearing so we get great viewing. It’s an amazing experience to be so close to them. The silverback is impressive and just ploughs through the undergrowth, flattening everything in his way instead of walking around. Including Sabine, who gets kicked by him. Best is the baby, it’s very curious and tries to get closer to us until the mom has enough and grabs it to move on. One hour passes quickly and we need to leave but we already know we will come back one day.

The lodge we are staying is great. Beside the cute room, nice view and super friendly staff, Buhoma Lodge also offers free massages after trekking and a shoe cleaning service. And at night, the bed gets warmed up with a hot water bottle.