1’780 islands of Palawan (1of2)

After an awesome trip to the Philippines in 2013, we just had to come back for some more. This time, we travel to Palawan, for its rocky islets, turquoise waters and hidden beaches. Really well hidden, there is one where we have to snorkel through a hole in the wall and get out on a little beach on the other side. We spend our days riding around the islands on our private bangka, an outrigger fishing boat. Our crew is the best, at lunch they have a little barbecue on the back of the boat, preparing yummy seafood and fish. And smoked eggplant salad.

The late afternoons we hang on our balcony overlooking seven commandos beach. Our hotel is tiny, only four rooms and can only be accessed by boat. The beach itself is on one of the three main tours, tours A, B, C. Crowded during the day but in the eve, all the other tourists are going home and it’s just us.