tree climbing lions

On the way to Ishasha, we pull over close to a fishing village for a photo stop. Suddenly a knock on the window and a soldier requests to see all kind of papers from Sam. It seems the tiny bridge ahead is a key communication link and they don’t like people loitering around it and potentially even taking pictures of it. Murchison has the higher number and diversity of animals, Queen is famous for their tree-climbing lions. It’s the same lions as else in Africa, but here they learned that climbing a tree during the hottest hours of the day is much cooler than laying below the tree in the shade. And off we go looking for tree-climbing lions and looking for and looking for… If we hadn’t seen them in Murchison, we really would doubt their existence. So now the photos from Murchison, which we didn’t post before, expecting to get more and better once here. 🙁
Our time at the Wilderness camp ends with a special dinner out in the bush, with lights in the trees and a fire pit.