Lofoten – Andenes & Orcas

September 21, 2021

second part of the Norway trip takes us to Lofoten, an increasing destination in popularity. it is constantly featured in photographic magazines and forums, for me it was clear we must see it. Unfortunately we also left the nice weather behind and we experienced what might be the traditional Norwegian summer everyone was talking about. […]

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September 17, 2021

being one of Norway’s oldest cities Stavanger did not disappoint, its ol town is a pleasure to stroll or run through. first night we went to a tapas place, rather good rated…by all U20s, we felt ancient…

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September 16, 2021

an we thought Trolltunga was a busy hike…welcome to what must be the busiest hiking path in Norway leading to none other than what might be the most known cliff drop in the world. i think this was the first thing I knew of Norway. I was hoping to see some base jumpers, the hight, […]

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Skapet huts

September 15, 2021

I think the entire Norway idea came when Sabine saw an episode of Kara and Nate when they visit these super cute huts. the hike there is short, about half of it on boulders but along a cute spring making its way through a beautiful meadow. it is not serviced so you are responsible to leave […]

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September 14, 2021

Very popular hike and known destination Trolltunga did not disappoint. The hike started with a super low cloud which in the end I liked much more the view it provided as opposed to just the lake. being a rather famous instagram spot the queue to have your picture taken was rather impressive and I was […]

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Husedalen waterfalls valley

September 13, 2021

4 waterfalls on a 5hrs hike, I must admit I was impressed by the Norvegian waterfalls, and indeed they proved to be rather standard around here, filled by the glaciers are impressive in size (if I get sabine to write there will be more interesting text 😏)

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Juklavass glacier

September 12, 2021

After first fjord crossing we drove almost entire day to do a hike on the Juklavass glacier. Although the glacier is not even close to the usual glaciers, this one being pretty much a cone cap, the organisers were focused on teaching how to cross a glacier using ice picks, ice screws and crampons. from […]

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Norway – Oslo & Bergen

September 2, 2021

second leg of our mini sabbatical takes us into Norway. Oslo was a brief harbour visit hence only one picture. Bergen though super cute and beautiful what you see in the pictures is pretty much all of it 🙂

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Tour de Mont Blanc – day 10

August 27, 2021

Tré le Champ – Chamonix lovely 10 days of hiking, it can easily be done in 7 or 8, we chose the relaxed way, on avg 5-6hrs per day, sometimes up to 9. stunning hike, apart from Fenetre d’Arpette is an easy hike 12.2km ↑1102 ↓1070 in total 156km with 9’666m elevation gain & loss

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Tour de Mont Blanc – day 9

August 26, 2021

Trient – Col du Balme – Tré le Champ 15.5km ↑1128 ↓1070

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Tour de Mont Blanc – day 8

August 25, 2021

Champex Lac – Fenetre d’Arpette – Trient the most scenic but also toughest stage of them all, the upper steep part is like climbing Mt Doom and descending into Mordor…we even saw a helicopter mountain rescue into action… 15k.4m ↑1200 ↓1400

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Tour de Mont Blanc – day 7

August 20, 2021

La Fouly – Champex Lac 15km ↑630 ↓666

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