The Great Wall of China

The wall as we know it was continuously built over 1,700 years. It began in the 3rd century BC, before the Punic wars…

we were super lucky, I don’t think we saw more than 20 people the entire day. The Beijing crowds usually go to Mutianyu, Sabine arranged for us to go Jinshanling section, parts are restored some left in ruins, really good ruins. Would love one day to come back and do a full day hike on the wall. We were meant to spend 2.5hrs, think we went close to 4 🤓, pictures factor kicked in…we went then to Beijing Water Town to see the Simatai section of the wall, was too late, too dark, too cloudy, in the morning way too misty. The Beijing water town is worth a visit, they build a new ancient village.