CapeTown day3

Late at night, we got the information that Switzerland with immediate effect stopped all airline traffic between Switzerland and South Africa. Without more information available, we spent a few tense hours thinking about what will happen next but decided that it was already too late to return to Switzerland anyway and that we would not follow the EDA hotline advice to try to return via another country. I mean, how can this be their advice? Wouldn’t that be totally against them trying to limit the risk of exposure of anyone returning from South Africa? Two days later Swiss authorities would announce that as of Dec 24 commercial flights would be resumed, limited to Swiss nationals and Swiss domiciled people and with a 10 days quarantine.

After a restless night, the morning run at Sea Point  and afterwards the breakfast with dolphins felt great. The evening before, we booked a morning helicopter flight and got super lucky to get a private 20min tour, allowing the pilot to fly a bit farther from the coast than they usually do for Dorin to get all the scenic landscape pictures. As our Robben Island tour was cancelled due to strong winds, we had a few hours to kill before picking up our rental car. So finally Dorin got to ride the Hop-on Hop-off double decker bus :). I found it a little bit boring, at least until we left the city and went up to the Table Mountain cable car station and around Signal Hill to drive up the coast. Then the scenery became very beautiful. We stopped at Camps Bay for a walk at the white sandy beach. Which sounds far more enjoyable than it was thanks to the strong winds blasting us with sand.