Kanazawa and the Japanese Alps April – part 2

The trip to Takayama was super smooth as overall traveling in Japan was. We booked the tickets online and with a three hours break in Ogimachi, to see the famous gasshō-zukuri farmhouses. They are steep reed-roofed wooden homes, made for harsh winters and meters of snow piling up on their roofs. It’s an Unesco world heritage site.

The rest of the day we spent in Takayama, another Edo-period town, this one in the mountains. It‘s famous for its beautiful, well preserved old town and its spring and fall festival, with three stories festival floats pulled on wheels. We slept in a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn with tatami-matted rooms and a shared onsen (hot springs). I was all prepared to cover my ankle tattoo with medical tape to not offend any locals but then was all alone in the women‘s bath 😁

Our favorite restaurant was also in Takayama, of all the excellent sushi we ate, Honkaku Edomae Zushi Matsuki was the absolute best! It came with a side of Hida beef, equally esteemed in Japan as Kobe beef. Dorin loved it, I found it a bit too fatty tasting 😌