The time had come, the countdown reached zero and – we were still at the airport in Zurich. While AF confirmed that the air traffic controller strike would not impact our long-haul flight, it unfortunately delayed the incoming plane bringing us to Paris too much for us to make the connection. We blame you Cipri, as you were on that plane 🙂 We got rebooked on BA to London City, took a long tube ride to Heathrow, checked in with Avianca and made it still on time for our connection to Cartagena. Thanks to the lovely Romanian lady at the counter in Heathrow, our separate middle seats got switched to two seats next to each other at the emergency door, with lots of leg space. We were asleep before take-off and slept through most of the flight.

Colombia, March 30-April 10

Cartagena is incredible beautiful with its old city center full of colorful colonial two story buildings, with balconies covered with hanging flowers. There is no wrong way to go, every turn we took the next photogenic alley popped up. Cartagena was founded in 1533, quickly developing into the main Spanish port on the Caribbean cost and becoming an attractive target for pirates, including Sir Francis Drake. To defend the city, the Spaniards built a thick wall around the city, as well as a huge fort towering over it.

We stayed in a small hotel in the neighborhood of Getsemani, which we liked very much. Getsemani is more residential and less sanitized than the inner walled city, with the locals moving their living room to the street in the evening, eating, chatting and playing cards on the sidewalk.