Murchison Falls part 1

Murchison Falls is Uganda’s oldest and largest national park. Here the Victoria Nile flows into Lake Albert to then go on as Albert Nile, first passing through the Murchison Falls, a 40m drop only 7m wide. That’s a lot of water in a narrow gorge and a very powerful waterfall. The park offers game drives, Nile cruises and a pretty hike to the top of the waterfall. The landscape is hilly, covered in long Savannah grass and dotted with trees. It’s very green which is a first for us on a safari. We see spotted hyaena, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes and different antelopes. We see a pride of six lionesses, climbing down the tree they have rested on, with enough distance to their night’s kill that started to smell by now. They cross the road and walk towards us, coming closer and closer, to take yet another rest next to our car. Also impressive, the angry elephant bull starting to flap its ears and move closer. Only once Andrew, our armed ranger, started a clicking noise on his riffle, the bull reconsider its options and walks away.