Iceland – Keflavik to Landmannalaugar – part 1

 8 days of Iceland, almost 2000km in our rented 4WD car with the unpronounceable name, spectacular landscapes with geysers, so many waterfalls, moss-covered lava fields, ice capped volcanoes, glaciers and in the highlands, desert-like plains of ash. One could point out that later can get a bit boring though…
We started with the classic Ring Road, adding some side trips and driving through the highlands on the way back, via Kjölur route.
Keflavik to Landmannalaugar
Close to midnight we arrive at the airport and there was still light outside. Beside a few twilight hours every night, there’s near endless daylight. Great for camping, you never have to pitch your tent in the dark. Or use a torch to go to the bathroom. Not that good for sleeping, at least not without sleeping masks. After catching some hours of sleep at a guesthouse close to the airport, we get our car and stock up on food. Best thing is the local yoghurt-like skyr with lots of different flavors. Not sure about papaya-banana though…
We start with the Reykjanes Peninsula to get a first impression of lava formed landscapes – and how much hiking against the wind on sand sucks. From there we drive to beautiful Landmannalaugar, with its multicolored mountains and geothermal fields with steaming vents and smelly sulphur deposits. A highlight was crossing the river at the end of the bumpy F road. Afterwards Dorin needed a little paper baggie to breath in 🙂