Laguna Los Tres

the trail from El Chalten to Laguna Los Tres is the most popular hike in the region. the hike is pretty decent, 5 hrs each way with a total altitude difference of just little over 1’000m through an amazing landscape…that’s how is advertised, when you have to do the hike in pouring rain that even the fancy rain gear is soaked through is a little different. When you ascend the last 300m on a close to 60 degrees slope and you see no more than 2m ahead of you, you keep on asking yourself why you do that.

Once on top the rain stopped so we decided to have a quick lunch and head back before the rain comes back, sudenly the laguna was visible, still with everything covered in clouds.

The weather in Patagonia is notorious for being unpredictable, i never thought before it is possible from full cloud to go to deep blue sky in less than 5min.

and this would be my 2nd favourite picture of the Patagonia trip

the hike back was excellent, this is the same place as before shown in rain, what a difference!