La Boca

a long overdue post…the start of the Patagonia series.
Patagonia is far…very far far away…it took us about 38hrs of flying, including an 11 hrs layover in Buenos Aires. I wish i’d have more to say about Buenos Aires but we haven’t seen too much of it as on 25th December everything is closed. As our visit was extremely short we had to be exact on what we want to see, La Boca seemed the obvious destination, not only due to its name but the colourful neighourhoud is something one must see. incredibly small, just few buildings, no more than a dozen with (what else) bbq restaurant and tango dancers (by the way stepping on the stage is frowned upon, ask me how i know that).
the story of the colourful houses goes as the harbour is nearby whenever was any spare ships paint the locals made the best use of it and of course was never enough to paint more than one house/wall