Lençois Maranhenses part2

On our second day, we take a boat tour down the Rio Preguiças, between jungle, mangroves and dunes, to the ocean beach at Caburé at the river mouth. The tour is nice and if we had learned some Portuguese ahead, we would now know a lot about palm trees, the different types of palm trees, what palm trees can be used for, what is the importance of palm trees… 🙂 After a enormous grilled fish for lunch in Caburé, we mount our quad bike for the two hours ride back to our starting point, Barreirinhas. And yes, quad bike like in only one bike. Seems none of the men thought that Sabine could, should or would like to ride her own bike.

The biking is fun, first along the beach and then through the smaller lençóis. They are still high enough, especially when you climb them with a quad bike, but the area itself is smaller and the lagoons are less deep. Dorin drives up and down the dunes like a pro, crossing puddles of water and patches of soft sand. Only once he refuses to go on, our guide drives through a puddle that almost swallows up his bike. Our guide comes back and takes over, gesturing for both of us to sit on the back. Bad idea, in the middle of the lake-sized puddle, the bike shifts to the right and we slide off, into what we can only hope was mostly mud and sand. We are dripping wet, Sabine’s former white shirt is now 50 shades of mud and there is sand, everywhere!