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Montreux area

February 9, 2009

Montreux is a very small and picturesque swiss little town, hosting one of the most prestigious jazz festivals in europe. that was the main reason i went there, and i had an almost a full day to kill till Bodyguy’s concert, and besides Chateau de Chillon (see last post) i didn’t have a clue about […]

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Montreux area_2

this area is know for its high number of marmots, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

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Chateau de Chillon

February 6, 2009

Among the best-preserved medieval castles in Europe, is in Veytaux, only about 3km south of Montreux, your first glimpse of the castle is unforgettable – an elegant, turreted pile jutting out into the water, framed by trees and the craggy mountains. You could easily spend a half-day soaking up the atmosphere.

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Welcome back Geneva

February 5, 2009

for the ones who do not know yet, i am working again in Geneva, till september in the same company as before. this is a picture

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