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Galapagos – Isla Daphne, Isla Santa Fé & Isla Santa Cruz

May 23, 2018

Isla Daphne was a dinghy ride to the mangrove forest to spot sea turtles and golden rays, followed by a visit to Isla Santa Féto look for land iguana. And some of Darwin’s finches. In the evening, we arrived on Isla Santa Cruzand could go for drinks to the town. The island was all about […]

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Galapagos – Isla Bartolomé

May 22, 2018

Isla Bartolomé had the best viewpoint and a very interesting hike through black lava fields. Also, the superb snorkeling at Pinnacle Rock. We saw eagle rays, whitetip reef sharks, tiny Galapagos penguins and sea lions. On our afternoon sailing to the next island, a big pot of bottlenose dolphins swam with out boat.  

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Galapagos – Isla Genovesa

May 20, 2018

Galapagos, May 6-13 We had very high expectations for Galapagos with everyone having been there before raving about it. And it did not disappoint! We chose an eight day cruise on yacht Eden, where we would get to a different island every day. The boat was nice enough, although the cabins were rather small (our […]

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Quito, Cotopaxi & Otovalo

May 16, 2018

Ecuador, April 30-May 17 We very much liked Quito, Ecuador’s capital. Arriving from Cuba, it offered all the luxury: access to money, fully stocked supermarkets, mobile data, clean roads 😊And a laundry next to our hotel that took care about our 15kg of dirty clothes, a few more days and we’d have had to walk […]

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Bella Vista Cloud Forest

May 15, 2018

Ecuador, April 30-May 17 We spent a few days in the very relaxing Bella Vista Cloud Forest Lodge, with its beautiful rainforest, abundance of birds and great view of the cloud covered hills. Early morning was birdwatching, morning naturalist guided hikes through the forest and afternoon reading in our little bamboo hut, as it was […]

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