Galapagos – Isla Floreana

After two calmer days, we were back to five activities a day on Isla Floreana, with two land trips and three snorkeling opportunities. At Post Office Bay, we could leave postcards behind for some other travelers to pick them up and hand deliver to their receivers (we shall see how long that takes for Constanta). We walked to a beach with lots of turtle nests, where sharks and rays cruised the waters below waiting for the hatchlings. We also got to see the Galapagos flamingos grazing in the lagoons and had a great snorkeling trip at Devil’s Crown, where Dorin and I jumped of the dinghy to see a hammerhead shark right below us! During dinner, the crew told us to come to the back of the boat. There were dozens of Galapagos sharks chasing flying fish. Sooo many sharks!