Galapagos – Isla Genovesa

Galapagos, May 6-13

We had very high expectations for Galapagos with everyone having been there before raving about it. And it did not disappoint! We chose an eight day cruise on yacht Eden, where we would get to a different island every day. The boat was nice enough, although the cabins were rather small (our luggage got stored in the shower during the day).

Luckily we booked the upper deck cabin with a big window, below deck they got it a bit stuffy, especially those first days without AC. Still sleeping was limited during the hours when the boat sailed to the next island, not for being seasick, but for rolling around in our beds. As our tour combined two shorter tours, passengers got switched out in the middle of the cruise, for us, as our guide put it, to meet new friends 😁


Isla Genovesawas THE bird island, with colonies of great frigate birds, red-billed tropicbirds, red-footed boobies and Nazca boobies nesting there. As the Nazca boobies do not really build nests, we had to be careful not to step on their fluffy white chicks that were everywhere. We also saw our first sea lions. Neither the birds nor the sea lions seemed bothered by us, it was really amazing how closely we could observe them.