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Cuernos del Paine

August 8, 2015

this is the final post of the patagonian trip. We hiked for 121km with a total ascent of 6’000m, can’t wait to go back. unfortunately i didn’t get the light i was hoping for but i’m pretty happy with these results

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Mirador Torres del Paine

August 2, 2015

end of the hike was promising the second best view of the cuernos. we arrived up there after a steep hike, rather windy, took my time to find a location and this is the only picture i managed to take before a sudden mist follow by snow kicked in. it snowed all night long till […]

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Torres del Paine – the W hike

July 30, 2015

the famous hike around Torres del Paine , the “W hike” due to its shape is about 90km long, takes 5 days of moderate hike, sure it could be done in 4 as well. the treks are so nicely marked i really cannot understand why some hikers had a guide with them. anyone that likes […]

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Torres del Paine

July 22, 2015

i’ve been obsessed with Torres del Paine ever since childhood when i read “Toate panzele sus!” (sails up) with Speranta crew’s(Hope’s) adventures around the Tierra del Fuego, the name was just inspiring. some years later when i’ve seen a sunset picture of the cuernos i knew i will end up there sooner or later, even […]

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Fitzroy and Cerro Torre

July 20, 2015

time to say goodbye to El CHalten, the nicest mountain village i’ve ever seen, yes a swiss said that, 2nd class swiss as some say 🙂 on the way out still clouds, what else, but at least this time the view was far better than few days ago. Coming back to El Chalten and drop […]

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Laguna Los Tres

July 18, 2015

the trail from El Chalten to Laguna Los Tres is the most popular hike in the region. the hike is pretty decent, 5 hrs each way with a total altitude difference of just little over 1’000m through an amazing landscape…that’s how is advertised, when you have to do the hike in pouring rain that even […]

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Patagonian landscape

July 12, 2015

close to the entrance in the national park Los Glaciers lays this amazing farm. we stopped there for lunch an will definitely spend some night next time we’ll be there

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Perito Moreno and Los Glaciares National Park

July 8, 2015

home to 47 big glaciers and 200 small ones Los Glaciares National Park is a must see in Argentina. we took a ferry ride, full day to see some of the biggest glaciers and what a sight that is. The size of these glaciers puts the european ones i’ve seen to utter shame. the most […]

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El Chalten

July 1, 2015

the home of the Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre hikes, El Chalten lays few hours away from El Calafate. along the route you get to see the Fitz Roy closer and closer driving the last kilometres in a agonising slow speed, believing after each next curve the famous view will lay ahead. the weather hasn’t […]

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La Boca

June 25, 2015

a long overdue post…the start of the Patagonia series. Patagonia is far…very far far away…it took us about 38hrs of flying, including an 11 hrs layover in Buenos Aires. I wish i’d have more to say about Buenos Aires but we haven’t seen too much of it as on 25th December everything is closed. As […]

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