Jodhpur, the blue city

Back from the desert, the landscape gets greener again, and more hilly. Mehrangarh, Jodhpur‘s impenetrable looking fort was built in 1808 and is a very impressive sight, with some great view points surrounding it. From there, we walk through the narrow alleys of the blue city. Traditionally, only Brahmin were allowed to paint their houses blue, but these days non-Brahmins joined in making for a beautiful old town, with interlocking houses in different shades of blue. Our guide takes us to the rooftop of a small guesthouse, where we get to enjoy the sunset over the city while sipping chai. Jodhpur is another city we enjoy very much, also as we are booked into a very nice boutique hotel, The Raas. From the restaurant terrace we have an excellent view to the fort and even the two hours evening prayer next door where the muezzin brought his kids don‘t spoil it.