Madagascar, Masoala, September 29 – October 3, part 2

Masoala, September 29 – October 3


In the Masoala forest, they have many animals and plants that can only be found here. A highlight is the family of red-ruffed lemurs playing up in the trees. And that we see the Helmet Vanga within the first few meters entering the park while the birders we meet are desperately searching for it (muahaha). There are lots of chameleons, from the smallest, the 28mm leaf chameleon, to the world’s largest, the sometimes up to 69cm Parson’s chameleon. And we get to see the tenrec, a combination between a hedgehog and a hamster.


Masoala is the perfect place to spend our last days before the 48 hours trip by boat – car – plane – spa – plane – bus – home.