Madagascar, Masoala, September 29 – October 3, part 1

Masoala, September 29 – October 3
With Air Madagascar generally flying only in the morning, not flying on Sundays and then rescheduling our flight to Tuesday, we get to spend three nights in Tana. As the weather and Tana both aren’t that great, we mainly hang out in our nice hotel room or the food court in the next-door mall. On Tuesday, with the flight leaving at 6 am and the rule that all passengers have to be there two hours ahead, we get up at 3am. Air Madagascar is a cruel cruel company!

Maroantsetra has the cutest small airport ever, with zebus grazing next to the runway and the whole village coming to see the plane arriving. The schedule is written on a blackboard and boarding passes are handwritten. Our lodge, the excellent Masoala Forest Lodge, is another hour by boat. It’s located right at the beach, with the primary forest to the right side and the equally beautiful secondary forest on the left. While the primary forest gives the real rainforest experience (soaring trees, waterfalls, elusive animals, hidden orchids, everything is just so green), the walk through the less dense secondary forest and along the coastline is very scenic.