From Wilderness it was only a short drive to Knysna, where we stayed for the next three nights at the very cute Headlands Guest House. Knysna is probably one of the bigger and best known towns on the Garden Route. It is set around the picturesque Knysna lagoon, has lots of eating and shopping options, is famous for its oysters and offers many outdoor activities in the surrounding hills and forests. So the perfect place to stay for a few days. Christmas eve we spent at the small Knysna harbor eating seafood. As we did all other evenings 🙂

During the day we went running around Leisure Island together with everyone else, went hiking in the Diepwalle forest and strolled on the boardwalk of the wonderful Garden of Eden. The Elephant trails in Diepwalle were great too, so green and leafy everywhere, no other people and they have these little streams that sparkled in all kind of yellow to brown colors, due to the water being colored by the fynbos. No elephants though, at one point we heard something snuffle and the hoof it away, so maybe that was a miniature elephant? Garden of Eden is a short loop next to the main road, again super green and beautiful. With only 1km, we made a few rounds to end up with something at least resembling an activity 🙂