Peru – Manu national park – Day 2

Second day in Manu with even more traveling, first by car and long hours by boat on Rio Alto Madre and Rio Manu to the tented camp at Cocha Salvador. Along the way we saw turtles, caimans, capybaras and many more birds. Early morning we passed by one of the indigenous groups living in the protected area, with very limited contact to the outside world and only few anthropologists allowed interacting with them. Based on the vastness and impenetrability of the Amazon basin, likely tribes still exist here that have never had contact with outside civilization. The camp in Cocha Salvador was lovely, a small clearing in the forest with little bungalows on wooden platforms. The walls were wooden frames with mosquito netting, covered by a thatched roof. Very basic, no electricity, but clean and comfy, with ensuite bathroom. Ours even had a gas heater for the shower. We slept very soundly surrounded by jungle noises.