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wonders of the modern world

January 1, 2009

can you imagine working for the electricity company, you answer a home call, and when you reach the client’s premises you see THIS is the electric distribution panel?!

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evening rituals

December 31, 2008

throughout the country in the after the dusk you can see people everywhere sacrificing money (cheap photocopies) and other “valuables”, regardless of the weather or the development in front of your porch, like this man

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rice water-puppets

December 29, 2008

one of the nicest things to see in Hanoi. these water-puppets are made of rice, so their usage is quite limited, each 3 months a new set needs to be done. the stage consists in a “huge” swimming pool, the shows illustrating different episodes of the vietnamese life throughout the year

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Ha Long Bay

December 22, 2008

probably the nicest thing Vietnam has to offer after Sapa (which was¬†unaccessible¬†due to the massive land-slides), being of course a World Heritage Site. the vietnamese were pretty disapointed it didnt make on the list of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. i must admit it was funny to see ad-posters promoting it as the […]

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