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Zürich during EM_3

January 14, 2009

as i was staying behind the tripod, having a cigarette and waiting for the next slide to be projected, i started chatting with the dude responsible with the content being projected, obviously the best place to photograph them was right next to the “laser machine”, and this is how for the last time during the […]

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traffic in Bangkok _2

January 12, 2009

i might say tipical asian traffic jam. with this picture i conclude the asia trip in the summer, obviously these were just a glimplse of what i saw during the 3 weeks i’ve been there. feel free to take a look at all of them here starting with tomorrow i will post pictures from Switzerland […]

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traffic in Bangkok

taken from another traisha this picture illustrates the most annoying group of persons in ASIA, the traisha-drivers, they will always always always ask you if you need a taxi, they’re cheap and they would drive you anywhere you want, even routes like Bangkok-Bucharest are possible, at least they claim so…

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golden temple

January 9, 2009

the golden temple in Chang Mai, really nice, but filled with tourist wich won’t respect the silence of a temple, some were talking very loud during prayers, and lots of flashes…not me!

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January 5, 2009

up in the temple of Chang Mai, while i was disappointed due to the clouds ruining the sunset i got a glimpse of this separated terrace and its scholar

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wonders of the modern world

January 1, 2009

can you imagine working for the electricity company, you answer a home call, and when you reach the client’s premises you see THIS is the electric distribution panel?!

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December 30, 2008

has everyone seen Mulan?! 😉 leaving that on aside, i really liked this setup in front of the One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi, a really beautiful, small pagoda

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rice water-puppets

December 29, 2008

one of the nicest things to see in Hanoi. these water-puppets are made of rice, so their usage is quite limited, each 3 months a new set needs to be done. the stage consists in a “huge” swimming pool, the shows illustrating different episodes of the vietnamese life throughout the year

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