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Dodo – Swing 6

December 28, 2009
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Dodo – Swing

December 27, 2009

In November when i was home i finally got the chance to have a proper photoshoot with a very good friend, Dodo (Madalina). by proper i mean planning, vision, equipment ( lights, stands, umbrelas, color gels, wireless transmitters, etc.) also, i have to mention that Madalina was absolutely the most camera-friendly model i have ever […]

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December 20, 2009
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portrait session_4

July 1, 2009

or this?

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portrait session_1

June 30, 2009

next will be some portraits i did during the photo course i am currently attending to

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Finnish easter_2

April 21, 2009

for all those who remember Ursulutzule… 45kg…you deserve a statue man, really!

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my first photoshoot – dreea_8

and with this i close this preview of my first photoshoot. as i have 2 friends lining up, more to follow from tomorrow, if internet available and time will suffice, for the next four days, Finland special!!!

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my first photoshoot_dreea1

April 7, 2009

hi everyone, i didnt post anything in the last weeks as really hectic times have at work. in the meantime i had a friend of mine visiting, so i took the chance and learn about master and slave lights on real, alive subjects. due to her strong dark hair, i thought a b&w conversion would […]

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sweet summer times

January 28, 2009

in this cold times let’s take a look to what’s laying ahead of us… while i was in Bern (swiss capital) waiting to get the visa for Laos i’ve seen these kids having a heck of a fun, needles to say i took lots of pictures and i had to come second day again as […]

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